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Radius is

Radius promotes drama on biblical and theological themes and drama which examines ethical and social issues. Many past Radius members, including T S Eliot and Dorothy L Sayers, believed that all serious creative work is a reflection and continuation of divine creativity, and therefore that every good play has a religious dimension. Radius continues this tradition while recognising that many members are looking for drama on explicitly religious themes.

Radius today

Radius has always campaigned for the highest possible standards of performance in religious drama. The society’s founders believed that a good play reflected God’s creative powers and should always be the best its interpreters could offer. The fact that good production standards are now taken for granted in the churches owes a great deal to Radius’s work over the years.


People of vision

Dame Judi Dench, one of our Patrons, started her career in the York Mystery Plays revived by Radius's second President E Martin Browne in 1951. We draw inspiration from all those who have achieved the highest standards in the theatre and who have felt that the society deserved their support.

Recent events and performances

Radius hosts a regular series of workshops in association with local groups round the country.

Recent workshops have included Voice with Yvonne Morley, Acting with Will Featherstone (pictured below) and film-making with Matt Harris.

In all human experience, there are parallels which permit common understanding in the telling and hearing, and it is the frightening responsibility of an artist to make what is directly or allusively close to his own being communicable and understandable, however disturbingly, to the hearts and minds of all whom he addresses. Tennessee Williams, 1911-1983

The Radius

Mission Statement


Radius welcomes people seeking to explore spiritual, social and ethical themes through drama. As a forum for discussion it encourages a relationship between theatre and faith within contemporary culture and promotes plays that throw light on the human condition.


Radius offers scripts for performance, an assessment service for new plays, a series of study guides, a magazine and a programme of workshops.

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Pages are currently being updated or added to the Radius website, so be sure to check it out again shortly.

St Mary's North Stoke Will F

In association with the Friends of St Mary’s, North Stoke, Radius helped to mount a Julian of Norwich festival in 2016, including performances of Cell Talk by Dana Bagshaw, and in 2017, again at St Mary's,

we staged extracts from plays on the Faustus theme as part of an illustrated talk. In 2018 and 2020 Radius held playwriting competitions in association with the Finborough Theatre.


Plans for a Festival of Drama and the launch of the Kathleen Hall Memorial Lecture have been put on hold but will resume as soon as possible.

What we do

In the 21st century Radius is run from the homes of volunteers, providing resources to members through its collection of playscripts, an assessment service for authors, a regular magazine supplemented by a newsletter and regular training events.


How we do it

The society does not mount its own productions but works with local groups who ask for assistance in putting on a performance. Radius has six published plays currently in print in addition to over 40 plays which can be hired in copiable typescript. A major publishing venture in recent years has been a series of drama-based study courses.