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When I was at school, on certain afternoons we all had to do what was called Labour - weeding, sweeping, sawing logs for the boiler-room, that kind of thing; but if you had a chit from Matron you were let off to spend the afternoon messing about in the art room. Labour or Art. And you’ve got a chit for life? Where did you get it?

Henry Carr addressing a Dadaist in Travesties – Tom Stoppard, 1937-

Scripts from Radius

Radius drama explores faith and also asks more open-ended

questions about the meaning of our lives. The Radius Script Collection offers some outstanding plays on religious themes, many of them designed to be performed at Christmas or Easter, and it also includes plays on serious topics which do not explicitly mention religion but which prompt the audience to look for their own answers.

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pdf of the Radius publications:




You can purchase all our publications including Easter plays in the shop. These are all exclusive to Radius. Several scripts by Nick Warburton are adaptations of plays that were first heard on BBC radio. Most of these plays have been successfully produced by Radius members, and all have received assessment by our panel of Readers.







The categories in the title above are ones I often use as I read Easter plays, but of course they are arbitrary and most scripts have a bit of all three. Our latest addition to the Radius collection of Easter scripts, The Davidson Affair, follows a team of journalists investigating the Crucifixion. This places it in the category ‘dramas of witness’. Seven Before Easter is also a ‘witness’ drama, as the characters of Passion week are put in the dock and interrogated. In He’s Not Here the audience visits a series of locations which Jesus has just left, hearing what he did there before moving on. Iscariot is a courtroom drama asking whether Judas was predestined to do what he did, which gives the events a theological angle.


Waiting for the King involves witness testimony, though it is also a ‘divinity’ drama as those awaiting judgment gradually realise what they have done to Jesus. Other ‘divinity’ dramas in the collection are Brother Man, focusing on Jesus’s brother James, An Easter Carol in which three students of the Magi follow their teachers' path in search of Jesus, and First Easter in which ordinary people observing the Passion have their say. Sorrowful Mysteries ex-presses the pain and loss of those left behind and has a liturgical dimension. Green Branches is a series of verse















Copiable scripts can be ordered.  The price for the plays is: Full-length £10, One-Act £7, Short Play £5

























meditations, and the one-minute monologues of Easter Diaries explore the unexpected, from Judas’s piety to the bewilderment of the Thief’s Sister.


The award-winning Witness follows the disciples as they try to understand Jesus's mission in the first act, then gives way to conspiracy and personal anguish in the second. The tense political situation in Judaea fascinates some playwrights, and Trial by Night is a fast-moving conspiracy play with some powerful confrontations and a dramatic finale.


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Dramas of Witness,

Divinity and Conspiracy

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