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Birthday in Bethlehem


By Francis Wright

This exuberant retelling of the Nativity story in a style reminiscent of the Medieval Mysteries features a very young Mary and a much older Joseph, with a plain-talking Angel Gabriel who startles everyone whenever he swoops in to announce the birth. A Narrator keeps the story moving, while Caesar Augustus is a gloriously over-the-top tyrant. Some of the dialogue is conducted in the words of well-known Christmas carols, including "While Shepherds Watched", and the script could be extended by the introduction of carols and stage business involving flocks of sheep and animals in the stable.

There are 8 speaking roles (1w, 3m, 4 who could be either), two non-speaking animals, plus any number of extras. The basic script consists of one act, but with the addition of carols could be extended.  Suitable for young people or a mixed-age cast.

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