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by Mark Allen Eaton

This lively, contemporary script presents the crucifixion from a Roman perspective. When Pilate gets his dreamt-of promotion to be governor of Judea he persuades Claudia to marry him and the couple are plunged into a situation where their precarious personal relationship echoes the national instability.  As the emperor Tiberius warns, "Your resources will be limited, your friends far away.  The tetrarchs
don’t want you there any more than the terrorists."

Claudia becomes a disciple of Jesus and after the Crucifixion the risen Christ appears to Pilate.

A past winner of the Christians in Theatre Arts playwriting competition, this one-act script moves fluidly between the ancient and modern worlds and is easy to stage. 18 speaking parts can be taken by 3m, 2w, 5 either.

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