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by Les Ellison

Commissioned by Radius, this sequence of eleven short modern dramas takes the ingredients of a traditional nativity story but sets them in a world ruled by darkness, where the voice of God is no longer heard and where his messenger searches for those few still open to receive it: a young mum-to-be, her fiancé, rustic shepherds, intellectual stargazers and practical hoteliers. They must all be given the message in a form that makes sense to them. But the forces of darkness are watching, and waiting for their moment to destroy the messenger and his message and keep the world in darkness. Powerful but with plenty of moments of lightness and wit, this would be ideal for those groups looking for something different and unusual.

The scenes make up a complete play, but each scene serves as a play in itself and so one or two could be used in a carol service or concert. There are 18 characters but most of these only appear in one scene so doubling up is possible. Flexible casting.

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