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Study Course: The Man Born to be King


Commissioned in 1941 by BBC radio to write this play-cycle, Dorothy L Sayers, a practising Christian, was determined to portray Jesus and his disciples with absolute realism, prey to human emotions, and speaking every-day language. Not surprisingly, as the representation of God or Christ was forbidden in the theatre, the plays caused a sensation when first broadcast.  The freshness of the plays was a revelation and they remain significant contributions to religious drama. The plays form ideal base material for this 12-week study course. They are faithful in meaning to the original text of the Gospels; provide a good grounding in the essentials of the life and teaching of Christ, and should spark off plenty of discussion.

The assumption is made that members of a study course already have a copy of the plays, or are able to obtain one. Copies can be hired from Radius.

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