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The Last Act in the Story


'The Last Act in the Story – Mysteries for the Modern Age' by Sean Lang

A series of well-known Mystery Plays that have been re-written for a modern audience.

There are 10 titles: Prologue, Lucifer, The Fall, Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, The  Annunciation, Herod, The Woman Taken in Adultery, The Temptation and The Crucifixion.

They can be presented singly, in selection or as a whole with minimal staging required. The plays are written with a mixture of verse and prose, the former an echo of the original medieval pieces, but the language is up-to- date throughout, reflecting the ideas and attitudes of the twenty-first century. Several pieces include sections intended to be sung  although these passages could also be spoken.

The plays vary in length but the whole piece lasts about one hour 45 minutes. They can be presented at any time of the year but would be particularly suitable for Christmas and Easter

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